International Center for Microfinance and Social Business

Mision and Vision

Yunus Centre for Microfinance and Social Business aims to be the center of excellence in applied research, advisory services, teaching and executive training on microfinance and social business at the Istanbul Okan University.

It aims to improve the knowledge on the mechanisms of microfinance and social business by giving people the solutions and propositions along with the financial tools they need to work their way out of poverty.

The Center intends to create a culture within academia, with the goal to serve society’s most pressing needs through social business to

  • Conduct practically relevant academic research in the area of social business
  • Design curricula for social business
  • Initiate social business activities for students
  • Provide physical space as well as assistance to students, allowing them to work on and develop social business ideas

Yunus Centre for Microfinance and Social Business envisions itself as an independent and open platform for addressing development challenges faced by poor people in Asia and sets up an example in Turkey as a pioneer. It will act as an incubator for new social business plans that challenge conventional academic wisdom; it will facilitate generation of community-based knowledge; and it will promote opportunities for both women and men.

Yunus Centre will be to become a hub of social business thinking and action.  It will encourage discussion on businesses to make impact on people's lives. The YC will be the meeting place of business people, such as CEOs, business executives, policy makers, academics, young people, media people, social activists, particularly women activists, environmental activists, healthcare activists etc.